Our Program

Educational Program & School Readiness

We provide an educational programme for all children catering to each child’s individual abilities.

All Educators have input into the Pre School program allowing a wide range of interests, ideas and experiences. Our programme is based on the Early Years Learning Framework where we provide experiences to promote the development of the Learning Outcomes. At Pre School we have a daily routine for summer and winter, but to gain the most out of each day, a routine needs to be flexible, recognising the moods and interests of the children on the day. Experiences provided for the children are developed through observations and planning, intentional teaching strategies, child initiated activities and family input.

Staff are qualified to observe and assess children’s skills, interests and abilities, and the curriculum is planned in order to promote and extend these areas.

The focus of our program is to provide children with the opportunity and encouragement they need to reach their full potential.

All activities provided are based on learning, and are purposeful, no matter how simple they may look to us as adults. All equipment and materials used at our Pre School have been selected for their educational value and their physical quality. Wood, metal, clay and more natural materials have been selected in preference to plastic and other manufactured articles. Each piece of equipment has a purpose. Resources are arranged so that where appropriate children are able to access them independently. Children then learn the value of our natural resources.

Our wonderful staff at Jacaranda Grove are always engaged with our children, this enables us to get to know each and every child well, and thus provide experiences which further develop their skills and extend their interests.

The Pre School is designed to maximise each child’s promise and to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Families can login to a private platform to see the documentation on their child. Staff are always willing to discuss individual children’s development, however it may be necessary to make an appointment so we are able to spend time away from the children to answer any queries you have. 

Our program is designed to enhance children’s overall development and covers all aspects including academic, social, health, wellbing and physical development. 

At Jacaranda we like to engage our children in skills that will stay with them for life such as cooking, gardening, exercise, animal care and more. 

All activities promote children’s self help skills and a high degree of autonomy. We also provide experiences which develop self esteem and a positive self concept.

Educators are always willing to hear any comments, answer any questions or discuss any issues you may bring up, so please feel free to approach any of the staff regarding our program.